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Hello friends, welcome all of you to our blog website.Today we will know about biography of Ginni soni Ginni soni NickName is Ginni. His profession is model, influencer and Ginni’s secret of being famous is tik tok Instagram Ginni has made a different identity through him Ginni Soni Date of birth is 17 November 1997 and friends he is 23 years old.

Real Name

Ginni Soni



Date of Birth

17 November 1997


23 Years

Ginni Soni Personal Life

Ginn Soni birth place is chandigarh and hometown is ludhiana punjab. And Ginn Soni punjabi
Hindi English languages speaks

Birth place


Current City



Ludhiana Punjab, India


Punjabi, Hindi, English



Ginni Soni Lifestyle And Fan’s

Ginni soni is one of the famous celebrities of India, Ginni soni has won the hearts of many people with her acting. Ginni soni’s acting is so emotional that people feel like seeing it. And with this acting, Ginni soni is one of the well-known celebrities of India. Ginni soni has millions of fans. Those who support Ginni soni very much, Ginni soni watch all videos

Ginni soni has created a distinct identity on the basis of her acting, her acting is emotional that is not within every celebrity. Ginni soni respects all her fans. Ginni soni lives her life in a very simple way

Krishna Hobbies, Height, Weight, Eye Colour, Hair Colour, Nationality

Ginni Soni was born in chandigarh but Ginni original residence is Ludhiana. Ginni Soni religion is Hindu. Ginni Soni has knowledge of three types of languages ​​punjabi Hindi English. Ginni Soni’s Hobbies is acting modeling and dancing and Ginni Soni’s height is 5 feet 5 inches and weight is 55 kg. And Ginni Soni Eye Colour is Black. And Ginni Soni Hair colour is black and brown. And friends have Ginni Soni Nationality Indian



acting modeling and dancing


height is 5 feet 5 inches


55 kg

Eye Colour


Hair Colour

Black And Brown



Ginni Soni Family Members

Ginni Soni Family Members Details

Ginni Soni has a total of 3 members in her family, Mummy Papa and a brother name Suraj. Ginni Soni loves all her family members and hence lives with all her family members.

Ginni Soni Girlfriend, Friends And Marital Status

1.Ginni Soni is unmarried. Ginni Soni is not married
2.We do not know anything about Ginni Soni boyfriend as soon as we know we will update
3.Ginni Soni has many friends with whom she makes her videos and etc.

Boyfriend Name

Not Know

Marital Status


Friends Name

Not Know

Ginni Soni school and education information

1.We have no information about Ginni Soni school, we will update as soon as we know
2.Ginni Soni College is punjab University chandigarh
3.Krishna meena Educational Qualification Graduate


Not Know


Punjab University, chandigarh



Krishna meena social media And websites

1.Ginni Soni Facebook id I’d Ginni Soni
2.Ginni Soni Instagram I’d is ganni_soni17
3.Ginni Soni MX TakaTak if is ganni1717
4.Ginni Soni Snapchat I’d is ganni9779


Ginni Soni



MX TakaTak




Ginni Soni Favorite Actor, Actors, Food, Colour, Sports, Song

1.Ginni Soni Favorite Actor is Sharukh Khan And Hrithik Roshan
2.Ginni Soni Favorite Actor’s is Dipika Padukone, Aliya Bhatt
3.Ginni Soni Favorite Food is Pizza And Chicken
4.Ginni Soni Favorite Colour is Red, Pink, Blue
5.Ginni Soni Favorite sports is Cricket
6.Ginni Soni Favorite song is Sangdi Sangdi Re

Favorite Actor

Sharukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan

Favorite Actors

Dipika Padukone, Aliya Bhatt

Favorite Spots


Favorite food

Pizza and chicken

Favorite songs

Sangdi Sangdi Re

Favorite colour

Red, Pink, blue

Ginni Soni Money Factors And Net Worth

Ginni Soni earns 1 to 2 lakh rupees every month through Instagram YouTube and sponsorship which is a good ammount



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